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CyberTracker Evaluations

CyberTracker Conservation evaluates trackers in Trailing and in Track & Sign Identification. The evaluations are rigorous two-day field examinations that have become the international standard for assessing wildlife tracking skill.  They are not just tests of skill, however, but are unparalleled as trainings to strengthen the field experience of anyone learning to observe wildlife closely.  Evaluations emphasize open, honest dialogue and real learning.

At evaluations in Track & Sign Identification, the tracks and sign of any species are asked, whether big or small, clear or obscure.  After participants give their answers, all questions are explained in detail so everyone learns the field marks for identification.

The goal at a Trailing Evaluation is for the tracker to guide the Evaluator and other participants (up to 4 people) along the trail of a large to medium-sized wild animal until the quarry is within view; this must be done without alerting the quarry to the presence of humans.  In reviewing a participant's work, the Evaluator clarifies specifically where practice is needed in five general areas: spoor recognition, spoor anticipation, anticipation of dangerous situations, alertness and stealth.

To download a PDF flier for the Track & Sign ID evaluation, please click here or on the image at the right.

For more information on evaluations in North America, please send Nate Harvey a message using the form at right or visit trackercertification.com.



Trailing Intensive

Nate Harvey teaches a Trailing Intensive in which he meets with students as a group for 5 weekends.  The Intensive meets once in each month, beginning in February, and then again in April, May, September and October.  Meeting locations are within an hour of Brattleboro, Vermont.  All levels of experience are welcome.

It is important that students practice on their own between sessions for at least two hours per week.  In addition to the monthly meetings, Nate is available to coach each student in his or her trailing practice.

The cost for this intensive study is $1,100.

Workshops, Classes and Surveys

Nate does evaluations and workshops in Trailing in addition to evaluating trackers in Track & Sign Identification.  In addition, he surveys for wildlife sign for conservation groups conducting connectivity studies as well as for private landowners.  For more information, please contact him at nate@trackerstrail.com or by using the form below.




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