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Exercises and Routines

Trailing Wildlife is divided into four parts, based on the student’s ability:

  1. The Introductory section (the Trailing section of this website) is about helping you to locate a trailing site where you can do the Basic Practice for 30-60 minutes.  It is also meant to give you a taste of the overall curriculum
  2. The Beginner section is about learning the basics of following trails
  3. The Intermediate section is about learning the basics of aging trails
  4. The Advanced section is about learning when and how to approach so that you can see the animal you are trailing

The four sections include nearly 140 exercises, most of which can be done as you do the Basic Practice.  Each exercise follows one of these routines:

Sign of a Porcupine's cambium feeding, as shown by the scraping of its incisors.


In addition to the field routines, some exercises can be done on- or off-trail, in the woods or in a building, wherever you happen to be, and others are better done near your home than at a distant trailing site:

  • Awareness exercises for sharpening our senses
  • Aging exercises so that we can become clearer about how to assess the relative age of sign that we find

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